Software Engineer at Sustainable Startup at Hades Technologies AG (Zürich, Switzerland) (allows remote)

Software Engineer at Sustainable Startup at Hades Technologies AG (Zürich, Switzerland) (allows remote)

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Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-08-03 05:00:29

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Our Tech Stack

  • Frontend: Typescript, MobX, React, WebGL, Canvas
  • Backend: Python, Typescript, Postgres, Django
  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Docker

Your Responsibilities

  • Take charge of our web application and infrastructure
  • Be responsible for developing new features, from the blueprint all the way to shipping production code
  • Make sure our software architecture and code is robust, well-documented, and easily extensible
  • Decide together with us what we should work on next
  • Actively participate in important software architecture decisions and technical discussions


  • Experienced and comfortable in web development
  • Not afraid of inventing new algorithms and big O-notation
  • Familiar with shipping production code in a team: project planning, code reviews, unit tests, and CI pipelines are not a mystery to you
  • Debugging master: able to chase down every bug (even really nasty race conditions)
  • Can design data structures and is able to oversee the consequences of important software architecture decisions
  • Fluent in English, Python, and Javascript, German is a bonus
  • Some familiarity with MobX, HTML Canvas, WebGL, or 3D graphics is a bonus
  • Experience in project management and team leadership is a bonus


  • Have a positive impact on society and the environment
  • Autonomy: have an idea for a new feature or technology we should use? We’re listening
  • Impact: everything you work on will go straight into the product and make people’s lives easier immediately
  • Fast iterations: we deploy twice a day
  • A motivated, clever, fun, and supportive team that loves geeking out about the latest tech
  • Work directly with the founding team