DevOps Engineer at GrowFlow () (allows remote)

DevOps Engineer at GrowFlow () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-01-21 05:00:50

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We are looking for a DevOps engineer with a “find a way or make a way” attitude who has a passion for ensuring products “just work” for customers. The mission of the DevOps Engineer is to support continual delivery, cloud infrastructure configuration/management/security, and application performance monitoring at GrowFlow.  That means your job is to ensure our applications remain highly available, performant, and secure.

The ideal candidate will be someone with a keen sense for organization, an itch to look at things from different perspectives and a collaborative mindset that facilitates cooperation with software engineering and quality assurance teams.

Our environment is typical of a start-up:

  • We work in small, fast-paced teams and get a lot done by wearing many hats.
  • We are serious about optimizing our time and staying focused on the most important goals and outcomes.
  • We are a remote team and are completely on board with 100% remote work, meaning we focus on overcommunication to ensure we can stay in sync despite our physical distance.
  • We coordinate using a kanban board, hold a daily standup, and communicate via ad hoc video calls and Slack.
  • We’re building lots of new things, but also maintaining a significant business.  We are mindful of the balance and need to monitor and pay down tech debt while innovating with exciting greenfield projects.

Our Development & Operations environment

  • We have two software development stacks, Node and .NET.
  • The Node stack runs in GCP, while the .NET stack traditionally ran in Azure. We’re migrating all applications to GCP (You come in here!).
  • Source code is managed in Bitbucket and deployed via Bitbucket and Azure pipelines.
  • GCP deployments are autoscaling Kubernetes clusters, with new services deploying to Cloud Run. Databases are Cloud SQL (PostgreSQL) and Firebase, with some data mirrored to Big Query. Services communicate with GraphQL and Pub/Sub.
  • Azure deployments are to AppServices (blue/green deployment). Databases are Azure SQL.

Your Mission & Responsibilities:

As a part of the GrowFlow Data, Analytics & Reporting Team you will...

  • Audit and improve cloud security practices.
  • Plan and implement infrastructure & resource configuration management (infrastructure as code).
  • Continually improve application performance and uptime monitoring.
  • Audit and improve our current high-availability mechanisms.
  • Plan for continued growth of our services (traffic shaping, geographic redundancy, horizontal/vertical scalability, data in multiple locations).
  • Analyze cloud resource costs.
  • Play a key role in our migration from Azure to GCP.
  • Lead root cause analysis of service degradation or outages.
  • Rotating on-call duty. At GrowFlow, we recognize how this affects work/life balance and strive to prevent burnout.

Be able to communicate effectively both within and outside of engineering, working with product, sales and customers to understand needs and discover ways to deliver insights.

See if you fit our requirements.

For this role, we are looking for someone with the following characteristics:

  • 7+ years total engineering experience
  • 3+ years DevOps experience.
  • Experience with web-scale applications in GCP.
  • Bonuses:
    • Azure experience.
    • Led significant DevOps projects.
  • Ability to acutely focus on company objectives and mission at hand.
  • Ability to pass a background check; have appropriate work authorization.

To achieve our mission, we always look for high-caliber people who share our core values:

  • Be Customer Obsessed: As a support engineer, our ideal candidate should have a heartbeat on customer satisfaction, and strive to make sure customer issues are resolved quickly and effectively.
  • Over Communicate: As a 100% remote company, over communication is key to delivering continued productivity across all teams. Our ideal candidate goes above and beyond to ensure important messages are received by the correct party. 
  • Challenge Respectfully: GrowFlow is far more likely to succeed by examining problems and situations through several lenses. Our ideal candidate should be able to engage and work with both the support team and the engineering team to ensure we are delivering the best solution for our customers.
  • Extreme Ownership: At GrowFlow, we pride ourselves on each member practicing extreme ownership and accountability. Our ideal candidate should be able and willing to take ownership of customer reported issues and see them all the way to their resolution.
  • Stay Curious, Stay Scrappy: Most of us dork out over non-work related topics at a ridiculous level of detail, because that’s how we’re wired. We’re naturally inquisitive, ask tough questions and aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers to find better answers.  Our Ideal candidate should be intuitive and eager to learn new things.
  • Do Less Better: At GrowFlow, we believe that the path to becoming the market leader looks like focusing on doing fewer things, but doing them better than anyone else in the industry. Our Ideal candidate is able to create a “path of least resistance” when resolving customer reported issues.
  • Results Get Rewarded: At GrowFlow, we recognize that the quickest path to becoming the top company in the industry is by forming the top team in the industry. Our ideal candidate should have a heartbeat on KPIs related to this position and should be focused on measuring and improving related metrics.
Other Details.
  • We are a fully remote company and this position will be remote.
  • We are looking for someone who is ready to join us full-time after a brief trial period (all our employees do this).
  • We offer health benefits, 401k, unlimited time off, charity matching, and other cool perks. 
  • We are offering an annual starting salary in the range of $150,000 - $170,000 USD.