Software PM | B2B Apps & Dev Tools | On a tropical island with no Covid at Inline (Taipei, Taiwan)

Software PM | B2B Apps & Dev Tools | On a tropical island with no Covid at Inline (Taipei, Taiwan)

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Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Type: Full Time
Created: 2020-10-20 05:00:36

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Inline is looking for a developer or PM with a career interest in b2b2c services and 3rd party developer platforms, to take a key PM role.  About 6M diners are served each month by inline, and this role is pivotal in sustaining our growth to serving 50M diners each month. 

The person(s) in this role will focus on building and refining:

  • new and existing applications used by the people who do the hard work in busy restaurants,
  • the CRM services used by brand managers with 10+ restaurants, 
  • the analytics tools used by F&B enterprise managers with 100+ restaurants well as refining and adding new propositions for diners using the restaurant-branded web apps provided by inline. 

This role will also help define and expand our suite of partner APIs to support integration with more super-apps, delivery partners, POS systems, CRM and Customer Support systems.  To do this, you will be helping inline plan and integrate with partners around the world.  

Must-Haves for this role:

  • Super, ultra organized people, masters of detail and keep checklists of their checklists, and note every commitment made.
  • High EQ.  Able to handle and navigate conflicts productively.  Empathy for restaurant staff and their work challenges.
  • Know how to use Github as a PM, to keep track of what's in progress, tested, broken, ready to deploy, etc.  
  • Know how to use user engagement analytics to plan and measure new and existing interactions in native mobile and web applications
  • UX sense.  Most of your former colleagues will tell us "she/he really has good discernment between great vs just-ok UX," 
  • Acute sense for quality. And the motivation to drive people to get it right. 

FAQs about Must-Haves (looking at you, marketers hustling for a PM role):

  • Sorry to the great PMs who don't use Github yet - we're a platform and tools software company!  Git/Github is an essential tool for software PMs.
  • And apologies to the PMs who haven't defined and measured custom analytics event properties yet.  Take a course or two on that and send us a note once you're ready to go on Mixpanel, Intercom (analytics), Firebase Analytics, or another legit analytics tool (and not GA). 

Nice to haves:

  • Restaurant experience: working at one, or working in a software business serving restaurants
  • Experience in a startup that has raised more than US$5M, and less than $50M
  • Concise communicator in voice discussions and in writing
  • Skill in working with a diverse team of quiet people and opinionated people

Relocation is available for candidates who don't reside in Taiwan now. 

  • Taiwan is healthy and safe. No Covid here. Economy is solid, centered on tech and pharma. 
  • Google, FB, Apple, Amazon, hundreds of other global tech companies have product teams in Taipei
  • Probably the best health care system in the world, and the easiest/cleanest public transport

Not Necessary for this role:

  • Rockstar development skills. If that's you, see our other jobs.
  • Experience in a formal PM role. But if you're a developer who is inclined to try a PM role, you'll need a PM mindset
  • A university degree.  If you have one, cool, if not, that's fine too. 
  • Experience working in APAC.  If you do, nice. If not, you can learn on the job.